Natalia Zukerman Electric Guitar


  • The Daily News covers Natalia and Adrianne’s Songwriting Workshops
    Workshop imparts songwriting wisdom BERGEN — A photo of a broken-down truck in a field served as inspiration for a group of hopeful songwriters this weekend. Led by professional musicians Adrianne Gonzalez and Natalia Zukerman, the group went from run-on ramblings and glimmers of a profound phrase here and there to a tune, verses and […]
  • Upcoming Shows and News: NY, VT, MA and Winterbloom in Boston!
    Hello friends and happy halloween! I just returned from Granada, Spain where I was studying Flamenco guitar at Carmen de las Cuevas for 2 weeks! Traveling and studying in southern spain at this school has been a dream of mine for 15 years and the reality was even richer, more vibrant and more inspiring than I ever could have imagined. A huge thanks to The [… […]
  • Artwork featured in Performer Magazine’s August 2013 Issue!
    What does this piece mean to you? I was commissioned to make a painting for violin maker Paul Wargaski, who has a beautiful shop in Chicago.  I asked my father, violinist Pinchas Zukerman what, in his opinion, was the quintessential piece for violin; he named Berg’s Violin Concerto.  It is incredibly haunting and beautiful. I […]
  • Paste Magazine – 24 Musicians Share Their Paintings
    New York singer/songwriter Natalia Zukerman has released five albums. As accomplished an artist as she is a musician, she included original paintings in some preordered copies of her latest, Gas Station Roses. When did you first start painting? I was terribly dyslexic as a kid and couldn’t read (books or music) until a pretty late […]
  • “Art Is Song” Tour with Adrianne Gonzalez
    Two videos about the project…
  • Winterbloom to play Cayamo 2012
    Winterbloom to appear on Cayamo 2012! More info >>
  • REVIEW: by Frank O. Gutch Jr for Rock and Reprise
    Read the full review at Here’s how easy it is to miss great music these days. I did not know I was on Natalia Zukerman’s mailing list until one day not long ago I received a CD of Gas Station Roses in the mail. I knew Natalia only through Winterbloom, the quartet which features […]
  • REVIEW: Oliver di place
    Read the full review and follow this blog at >> Almost every artist I have reviewed goes with a tight song structure. Verses and choruses proceed in a predictable pattern, and the bridge, if there is one, comes roughly in the middle. The verses rhyme and scan in a particular way, and the choruses […]
  • REVIEW: Christy Claxton for Stave Magazine
    Read the full review and magazine at >> If you think the good ol’ boy folk club is the top of the singer/songwriter food chain, then get over yourself. Where those boys can certainly write a good story and sing it, it often takes the rest of the club to play it and produce […]
  • REVIEW: by Roberta B. Schwartz for FAME Acoustic Music
    Read the full review at >> Natalia Zukerman comes from a family of musicians, and it shows. Her slide guitar has the swagger and skill of artists like Bonnie Raitt and Ani DiFranco. Her smoky alto climbs in and out of lyrics that tell stories with the painterly brush strokes of the visual artist […]