With diverse influences that include Folk, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, Country and even Classical, Natalia Zukerman has been described by public radio as “an example of the finest Americana.” She combines her unique slide guitar playing style with seductive vocals, a painter’s observing eye, unapologetic writing, and sharp wit. Zukerman’s music is as riddled with urban restlessness as it is grounded in rootsy warmth – a welcome contradiction.

“Natalia’s voice could send an orchid into bloom while her guitar playing can open a beer bottle with its teeth.” –New Yorker

“a strutting brass band one minute, a sighing lover the next.” –The Boston Globe

“a wise mix of rootsy styles from torch blues to country swing. If you’re a fan of Madeleine Peyroux, Bonnie Raitt or even Amy Winehouse, you’ll find stuff to connect with here.” –Philadelphia Daily News

ABOUT “GYPSIES & CLOWNS: Natalia Zukerman and Friends Live at SPACE”

NZ Live Cover - 1500x1500On September 14th, 2012, Natalia Zukerman took the stage at SPACE in Evanston, IL alongside a lifetime’s worth of collaborators and an arsenal of instruments.  Over the following 2 hours, the room swelled with chemistry and charisma as some of the finest singer/songwriters and musicians in today’s scene came together for the live recording of Natalia’s latest record  Gypsies & Clowns: Natalia Zukerman and Friends Live at SPACE.


“a celebration of musical community…
alluring and impossible to resist.”

- Seth Rogovoy, author, Bob Dylan: Prophet Mystic Poet


Natalia says that for her “collaboration is a conversation – the most intimate give and take that is as much about the notes you play as the notes you don’t. Over time, I have come to enjoy and crave this conversation. Luckily, I have found the tribe of people who collaborate in the same way, from the same place.”

“These are all the most giving and gracious players. Everyone has huge ears, which I believe is a result of having huge hearts,” Natalia says of her special guests AG, Edie Carey, Trina Hamlin, Anne Heaton, Erin McKeown, Willy Porter, Garrison Starr, Mona Tavakoli, and Susan Werner. “All of these musicians listen with such intensity. And I think we all share the belief that you don’t want to be the loudest person at the party just to be seen. They all choose their moments and the conversation is able to unfold with ease”.

“The musicians on this record are some of the most important musical collaborators in my life. I have watched and learned so much from all of them. The crew that gathered that night were some of the most influential on me as a musician. It was such a gift to get to celebrate with them!”

Track Listing
with featured artists

Disc 1

1. Brooklyn

Mona Tavakoli-cajon and vocals
AG- vocals
Garrison Starr- electric guitar, vocals
Erin McKeown- bass

2. Haunted House

Mona Tavakoli- cajon
Trina Hamlin- harmonica

3. Only Trees

Mona Tavakoli- cajon and vocals
Willy Porter- acoustic guitar

4. Gas Station Roses

Natalia Zukerman- lap steel, vocals
AG- acoustic guitar, vocals
Mona Tavakoli- cajon, vocals
Garrison Starr- vocals
Trina Hamlin- harmonica, vocals
Erin McKeown- bass
Edie Carey- vocals
Anne Heaton- vocals
Willy Porter- vocals

5. The Right Time

Mona Tavakoli: vocals, cajon
AG: vocals
Trina Hamlin: vocals
Garrison Starr: vocals
Erin McKeown: electric guitar

6. Little Bird

Mona Tavakoli- cajon
Susan Werner- keys

7. Howard Hughes

Mona Tavakoli- cajon, vocals
Willy Porter- acoustic guitar
Trina Hamlin- harmonica
Garrison Starr- vocals
AG- vocals

8. Indiana

Mona Tavakoli- cajon, vocals
AG- vocals
Garrison Starr- vocals, electric guitar

9. Always

Mona Tavakoli- cajon, vocals
Erin McKeown- bass
Willy Porter- electric guitar
Garrison Starr- vocals
AG- vocals

10. Loved Like That

Trina Hamlin- Harmonica
Mona Tavakoli- Cajon, vocals

11. As You Are

Mona Tavakoli: Cajon, vocals
Willy Porter: Acoustic Guitar
Erin McKeown: Electric Guitar
Garrison Starr: Vocals
AG: Vocals
Trina Hamlin: Vocals
Edie Carey: Vocals
Anne Heaton: Vocals
Susan Werner: Vocals

Disc 2

1. Better Me

Mona Tavakoli: cajon
Willy Porter: acoustic guitar

2. Bill

Mona Tavakoli: cajon
Susan Werner: keys
Erin McKeown: bass

3. Miss You Most

Mona Tavakoli: cajon, vocals
Anne Heaton: vocal
Erin McKeown: electric guitar
AG: vocal

4. Song For Ramblin’ Jack

Trina Hamlin: harmonica, vocals
Willy Porter: acoustic guitar

5. Sorry Side of Town

AG: vocal

6. Riverboat

Garrison Starr: acoustic, vocal

7. Catch Up

Mona Tavakoli: cajon
AG: vocal
Erin McKeown: electric guitar

8. Widow’s Walk

Mona Tavakoli: cajon
Willy Porter: electric guitar
Susan Werner: piano

9. Johnny Rotten

Mona Tavakoli: cajon, vocal
Susan Werner: piano
Willy Porter: acoustic guitar
Erin McKeown: electric guitar
AG: vocal
Garrison Starr: vocal
Trina Hamlin: vocal, percussion

10. Bought and Sold

Mona Tavakoli: cajon, vocal
Susan Werner: piano
Trina Hamlin: harmonica, vocal
Willy Porter: vocal
AG: vocal
Garrison Starr: vocal

11. Brand New Frame

Mona Tavakoli: cajon, vocal
Erin McKeown: electric guitar
Willy Porter: acoustic
Susan Werner: piano
AG: vocal
Garrison Starr: vocal
Trina Hamlin: vocal


Natalia Zukerman grew up in New York City, studied art at Oberlin, worked in mural arts in San Francisco, began her songwriting career in Boston, and now resides, writes, plays and paints in Brooklyn NY. The daughter of Classical musicians Eugenia and Pinchas Zukerman, Natalia found her sound in other strings – those on slide guitar, lap steel, dobro. She found kinship in the earthiness and honesty of Folk, Bluegrass, Jazz and Blues music.

Zukerman released her first studio album Mortal Child in 2001. In 2003, Zukerman recorded her second album in Brooklyn at Headgear Studios (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On The Radio). In 2006, Natalia collaborated with Melissa Ferrick to record “Only One” – a collection of home studio recordings fans cherish today for their intimacy. The album artwork featured a line drawing of Natalia done by New Yorker character artist Andy Friedman – one of the first inklings of Natalia tying in art with music. In 2008, Natalia collaborated with guitar hero Willy Porter who produced “Brand New Frame,” her first album on Porter’s label Weasel Records. Also in 2008, Natalia recorded and toured with “Daisycutter” a super group of fine instrumentalists from across the Folk circuit founded by standout fiddle player Sara Milonovich. In 2009, Zukerman teamed up with fellow songwriters Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton and Meg Hutchinson to form “Winterbloom.” Together they recorded “Winterbloom: Traditions Rearranged,” a series of original and traditional winter and holiday songs. Winterbloom continues to tour each December and play winter and summer festivals, most recently Lilith Fair. (www.winterbloom.com)

Zukerman is a professional guitar player and collaborator. She regularly records and tours with well known and respected musicians – including Catie Curtis, Janis Ian, Willy Porter and Susan Werner. She enjoys playing with diversely talented friends/colleagues. She has toured major Folk, Jazz, listening rooms, Rock clubs and theaters in almost every US state, and has performed at American and Canadian festivals including Lilith Fair, Philadelphia Folk Fest, Michigan Womyns Fest, Ottawa Folk & Blues Fests, Summerfolk Owen Sound, Rocky Mountain Folks Fest, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Sisters Folk Festival, National Women’s Music Festival, and has toured overseas in The Netherlands, Germany and Japan.


Official Music Video for “Gas Station Roses”


YES we have a radio edit of "Gas Station Roses" - email us, we'll get it to ya!

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